judicial philosophy

Balanced. Fair. firm.

To be the presiding judge for the 37th Judicial Circuit means that I don’t control what happens in the cases before me. Instead, I set the tone for the parties in the court room and uphold the rules of the court. Courts should be nonpartisan and firm on the rules of law and procedure.

I am a Republican candidate who wants to be your circuit court judge, so you can rely on a standard of balanced, fair, and firm principals that protect all of our rights as citizens of Carter, Howell, Shannon, and Oregon counties. Many litigants pass through the court as victims, witnesses, and defendants. Along with other members of the judiciary and the bar, it is my job to make sure that the legal experience is professional and not personal.

I’m running for this position because I run my law practice with these balanced, fair, and firm principals. I am a dynamic multitasker and problem solver. I want to be respected by my peers and allow input to make our system better. People who commit crimes should be held accountable, and I look forward to playing a vital role as a judge and working with an entire system that holds individuals responsible for their actions. Each day, I will strive to honor my oath of office to protect and defend our Constitution.